Pocofone F1 Google Camera Port (GCam 8.1)


Hier mal ein kleiner Vergleich dieser poco gcam nightsight (Bild unten) mit einer low budget Dslr sony alpha 6000 (450€) mit samyang 12mm f2.0 (250€)
Polarlichter in Tromsö. Unterschied ist klar doch es waren genug Hobbyfotografen vor Ort die doch überrascht geschaut hatten was ein Handy für 300€ kann.


Mi Fan
Update 21.04.2020
PocoS Mod v10.4 verfügbar // basiert auf GCam

Android 9+, Google Camera 7.3.018. For Poco F1 and Poco X2.
Initial build: Pretty much everything included works except Slow Motion
* Note: I am still experimenting with Poco X2 so picture quality might get better or worse in the future builds. (Support for both Poco F1 and X2 included!)


Mi Fan
Update: 28.07.2020
Umstieg auf BSG-Builds // basiert auf GCam 7.4.104

Night Sight/Astro photography
Super Res Zoom
HDR+ Enhanced
Portrait on front & back camera
Video recording upto 4K 60FPS & EIS in 30FPS
Focus tracking
Motion photos
Playground (Head here to install.)

Known bugs-
Slow motion

Changelog 18.06.2020
-Initial release of the new 7.4 version
-Finally fixed the focus tracking which was only possible with the YUV format supported phones earlier. (Now you can tap on the screen and it will track the focus.)
-Also fixed the motion photos (Big thanks to bsg)
-Few other focus and menu fixes
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Mi Fan
Update: 05.01.2021
Umstieg auf BSG-Build basierend auf GCam 8.1

Changelog v8.1.011 (MGC_8.1.011_A9_V0)
- The mod has been completely redesigned (now it is divided into 3 components: Full, Level3, Pixel phones).
- tracking focus without using GL Preview (for Level3).
- added auto white balance.
- Added Auto Night Sight for all models.
- Added Top Shot (short video).
- automatic format selection.
- added the ability to use 60 FPS for some devices.
- fixed astrophoto problem.
- fixed front camera for OnePlus.
- Fixed Pixel 2, OP3T issues.
- Fixed Slow mo problem on some devices.
- fixed digital zoom for all models.
- Fixed stabilization modes (Model - Pixel V).
- many minor bugs fixed.
- new devices added to support.
P.S. If your front camera doesn't work, change the Preview format to YUV.
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