Amazfit Pace Allow access to location"


Hi all,

I have just bought the amazfit pace, have to admit, am very happy, however one this is annoying me each time I connect the watch to my phone (I don't sleep with it, take it away and put it on plane mode) and is as follows:
The amazfit app is starting and showing each time this message (see attached for screenshot):
"Allow access to location" Allow Amazfit to search for and connect to devices after turning it on:
Option "Cancel" or "Go to Settings":


When I press cancel, I am getting the same notification every time I open the app.
When I press go to settings, then I access the location menu.

This notification isn't shown as long as I have the GPS on the phone active (never).

Is there any way to erase it so that it doesn't appear anymore?

Thanks a lot!
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